About Report Fraud, LLC

Fraud research shows time and again that those who PROTECT their organizations using anti-fraud measures significantly reduce their risk of fraud and therefore fraud related losses as well.  The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners research explains that 5 percent of an organization’s annual gross revenues are lost each year to fraud; from this perspective, fraud prevention is not an expense, but rather, an investment.

No matter the size, industry, or specialty of your ORGANIZATION, Report Fraud specializes in anti-fraud prevention.  We take care of the details in evaluating and helping you reduce the risk of fraud while  you keep your organization running smoothly.

In the event that FRAUD is uncovered during a Report Fraud overall assessment, Report Fraud’s strategic partnership with Workman Forensics provides the necessary resources to investigate the matter and help you recover losses as quickly as possible.

With years of experience in fraud investigation, our anti-fraud experts know how to evaluate your organization’s fraud prevention environment and to provide sound advice in helping protect your organization from fraud.

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